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As discussed in the chat the following preliminary schedule has been finalised as follows:

B7 Brainstorming of ideas from the 1 B 6th November

B7 Finalise idea by Monday 6th November B idea is logically going to be at a very immature stage but at least this will give us something to research and target.

B7 Business Plan Template by Monday B a generic framework that we can use to guide our research and write up. Details within the plan can be updated as the research is done.

B7 Market research and Analysis B 6th to 13th November

B7 First Draft completed by the 15th November

B7 Additional research as needed between the 15th and 20nd November

B7 Second draft by the 20nd November

B7 Polishing business plan between 20th and 22nd November

B7 Submission of final report by 22nd November

B7 Party afterwards!

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2000

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