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Lazio Has A Five Point Lead

-- Ain't Gonna Happen (Not Here, October 31, 2000


I assume you are referring to Rick "The Asshole" Lazio? Thought so!

-- (yep@that', October 31, 2000.

Well, "the Asshole" is far better than Hitlery the neo-Nazi.

-- Yeah Right (Ahhh@haaa.haaa.haaa), October 31, 2000.


-- (heeheee@haaa.haaa.haaaaw!), October 31, 2000.

He may be a goofy kid but I hope he pulls it out against the hardcore machine.

What boggles me is Daniel Patrick. A Dem I've respected for years. Why did he roll over for an interloper of this little merit?

-- Carlos (, November 01, 2000.

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