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Here is a question I have been wondering:

I have 2 lenses, 1 that is a 50mm f1.7 AE and the other is a 57mm f1.4 EE. Now, I know I can use both on my Konica T3, but if I understand correctly, I cannot set the 57mm f1.4 EE lens on EE and expect the T3 to use it like it was an AE lens right? So, I need to:

1. Check the light meter and see what apateur to set the lens manually at

2. Set the apateur ring on the lens to that f stop

3. Take the photo

Is this the correct way of using an EE lens on the T3?

Thanks, you could save me a few rolls of film.

Mike Photography Blue Book

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2000


AE and EE Marked lens

The AE lens were made from 1973 to the end in 1989 the EE marked lens were made 1972 and back. There were a few differences in the lens like the coating and construction, but any of the lens AE or EE will give superior results. You may use the EE the same as the AE except for the early Autoreflex lens which will damage the T-1 and newer if used in there original form. Most lens were converted in the late Atuoreflex run to work on the newer cameras.(T's and up) You can tell if you have an early Autoreflex lens by the cosmetics, the early ones are a shiny or gloss finish and do not have a cut out on the aperture lever protection plate on the back of the lens. If there is a cut out the lens has had the update or is the newer model and will work fine on all the AR mount cameras. All meter fuctions will work fine, like if you used a 57 f1.4 on a FT-1 and the lens had the cut out your meter would read correctly and the lens would work just fine. All newer lens will work fine on the older models also.

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2000

Ah, I see. What a neat lens system.

Thanks for that good piece of information there Greg. So, my 57mm f1.4 EE lens will work in EE "mode" the same as my 50mm f1.7 AE lens in "AE" mode then?

You mentioned that the AE lenses were made until the end of 1989, didn't the last Konica SLR the TC-X come out in 1983? So, may I assume that everything was all said and done by Konica in 1989 then?

Thanks again,

Mike LePard The Photography Blue Book web site Photography Blue Book Photography Blue Book

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2000

AE and EE Marked lens

I just purchased a 135mm 3.2 lens on eBay with the EE designation which I hoped to use on my T3n. The lens is not glossy, but in place of the aperature protection plate with the cutout, it simply has a round post the same height as the aperature lever. Is this safe to use with my camera?

-- Anonymous, November 07, 2000

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