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I have a Kodak Anastigmat Special lens, clean glass, F4.5 100mm B-1/400 in a No. 1 Supermatic shutter, which focuses, that I took off an old Kodak Monitor camera to use on my Century Graphic; Formats the same. The shutter speed is the same regardless of the setting. When you get to this point of repair, is it wise to repair or buy another or something else? If it's worth it, who's good on Kodak.

-- Wayne Crider (, October 30, 2000


S. K. Grimes.

-- Marcus J. Wilson Sr. (, October 30, 2000.

Info at

-- David Goldfarb (, October 30, 2000.

The slow speed gears are probably dirty/gummed up. Try cleaning it. This was the case with all of the older shutters that I've run across that were firing at the same speed. I have no issues with professional repairs, but when it comes to servicing shutters that have no overwhelming monetary value, I always try it myself first.

-- sheldon hambrick (, October 31, 2000.

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