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why have you butchered the notice board???

-- Anonymous, October 30, 2000



This is a port in a storm. The oriuginal noticeboard is still on the server, but I can't password protect it at the moment due to the setup of the server. The messageboard is currently a 3rd party service that others recommended to me. It is useful in that I can password protect it and that I have full access to thread order, etc. The downside is that it is proving unreliable and slow at the moment - something I'm trying to get fixed today.

Tell me specifically what you don't like about the new page and I'll try and change things accordingly - This is a community site that welcomes member input.

Please don't lose faith in the PN - We'll get it right one way or another.

Dave (PN)

-- Anonymous, October 30, 2000

People have to rememeber that Dave probably does not do this board as a full time job. It maybe that it is just a hobby he set up.As none of us are are paying customers we can not expect immediate responses to our concerns re: the board. Going over a much discussed topic already..... comments such as were on the board before do not bother me overly as the people who write such nonesense are ingorant and boring and not worth the time and trouble to respond. Freedom of speech is a privelage not a right. This is not the US where it is and Ammendment. People should use the few brain cells they have and realize that young children read this and that from the title you can not tell whether the information contained is something you would like to read or not. I do not come to this board to read foul language or racist comments. I can go and watch Pulp Fiction quite happily if that is what I want. Dave keep up the good work and lets hope the board gets back to normal.

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2000

Well spoken Bron, I often see your name on the board and wondered if you went to Pudsey Grammar school? I did in 1975 Liccle leeni(Alias) or as they knew me in the 6th form Doris ( t'was only the hair cut!!!)

-- Anonymous, November 07, 2000

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