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-- Anonymous, October 30, 2000


BOE meeting: Large crowd of mostly supporters.

I miss anyone?

The business: more of the same bullshitty nit picking, taking forever to give high administrators their value-added stipend, and tabled giving Randy Collins his $3000 as coordinator of elementary education for really dumb reasons.

Late in the meeting, Meg accused MM of witholding documents from the board 3 times, most recently the letter from Andrew Celli refuting what FP said about their converstion. MM proceeded to totally freak out, rising out of his seat, shouting, pointing his finger at Meg, then accusing Tobe of being a "goddamn liar" after Tobe said that MM never called Meg at home.....Hot, hot, hot!!

Fred Perry then started to go on and on about his school visits, provoked by Meg reading the law about BOE member visits to schools. He wanted to know who had complained about him, wanted Hal to tell him , couldn't understand that it would be illegal for Hal to tell him. He went on and on until everyone was laughing openly at him, especially a group of high school girls who were in hysterics.

The next meeting is 11/6 at the high school.

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2000

I sent the tape off to Tanya today to share with Mr. Celli...Carol is right in thinking that Pery never addressed the issue that Celli raised...bluster and yelling to keep from responding. I agree Meg should continue raising it.

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2000

I am working on a statement about the history of personal attacks. Indeed we are not responsible for Doan's attacks and for Millman's attacks...but the climate of attacks made by these two has set the stage for all that followed. I am posting the FIRST draft of a possible response. I'll be around today if anyone wants to email me to help shorten and make this more complete and accurate.

Thanks, Tobe

Personal attacks

The last meeting of the BOE was among the most uncomfortable in a long time. We deplore any personal attacks made in these meetings. Personal attacks on Mr. Doan are out of bounds. Period. Personal attacks on me are out of bounds - attacks on my wife are out of bounds. Period. Yet they are not only permitted by the board president, he leads the attackers.

I began videotaping these meetings when Joe Doan leveled a personal attack on my integrity. That was followed by personal attacks by Mr. Doan on the integrity of adminsitrators including Brian Lane, Bob Barrette, Hal Rowe, Barbara Boyce, Dennis Geisler, and Mike Grehl. All of which were allowed by Board President Millman.

A prime example was the memo-gate affair, in which Mr. Doan fabricated a memo, falsely alleging that Ms. Boyce was fronting for a private concern in arranging for use of the West Hurley Fire Hall. When this was shown to be a base lie, (by the record, and the by the West Hurley Fire Dept itself) Mr. Doan was caught in his own lie, which he then denied.Bwatch the video tapes...see the astounding record for yourself.

Since Mr. Doan began his record of personal attacks, others have picked up the technique. When community members brought the mascot issue before the board in a wholly respectful presentation, seeking the help of the board, they were met with a relentless attack by Mr. Millman, who dis-respected them, dissed their concerns, and haughtily told them in effect "Go tell it to the Marines."

During the passionate debate over the racial mascot, Rose Ostrander stood before the public and personally attacked me and my wife with deliberate mis-information and lies. Glenda McGee continually impugned the integrity of speakers by labeling them variously as Communsts, Fascists, Traitors and more. This went on for week after weary week. During this time, the most senior member of the board, Mr. Vanacore, while sitting at the board table, gave me the finger. A nasty silent personal attack from someone who knows better. All these attacks have been allowed by Mr. Millman, who now piously calls for decorum.

Attacks on board members and the public reached a kind of bizarre height when Marty Millman allowed his wife an extended time slot to attack Marino D'Orazio and his wife, while approaching within a few inches of Marino's face. Usually when someone invades another's space like this, they're either going to punch them out or kiss them.

Mr. Millman has been one of the leaders in the personal attack game. Included in the parade of events is the scurrilous "outsiders and itinerants" attack petition distributed far and wide in the community by racial mascot supporters and Mr. Millman.

During that same period, Mr. Millman personally attacked a sitting board member, angrily shaking his finger in Ms. Millar's face, yelling at her that she had no right to vote on important policy questions because she was an appointed board member. He seems to have forgotten that he first came to this board as an appointed member.

And his memory is certainly lacking when last-week he deliberately called Meg a "goddamned liar" and me a "liar". I'm not sure what fantasy-land he's living in, but perhaps he was calling Meg Ryan or Mariah Carey when he thought he was calling Meg Carey. I would not have overlooked a momentous occasion like a call to our house from Marty Millman if it had ever happened. And, it didn't happen. And, I don't hide messages from Meg. Just because Mr. Millman can yell in a loud intimidating voice and hostile manner doesn't make what he is saying true! How dare you call me and my wife a liar. How dare you! I demand an apology.

I'm still waiting!

Some people have taken the personal attacks one step further. The climate in these meetings is such that it's little wonder persons unknown have been attacking community members' property. This has placed our lives in jeopardy. Personal attacks of the most dangerous kind.

So, when someone tells me how horrible it is to hear Mr. Doan come under personal attack, I can only agree. It shouldn't be happening. Unfortunately history and the videotape record shows it is Mr. Doan who set the standard for personal attacks, and now reaps what he has sown.

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2000

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