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I love to laugh and I am a very playful person and that spills over into my ministry,which my congregations love. As I look back on my ministry there are so many funny moments, like when the children got the communion bread and made peanut butter sandwhiches and left them on the altar. Imagine my surprise when I lifted the napkin and there were peanut butter sandwiches. The kids felt that Jesus would want everyone to have a sandwich instead of a small peace of bread. Or being hired as a supply pastor for a church that did not believe in the ordination of women. They thought my name was DENIS instead of Denise. I walk out to the pulpit and one small child yells out "look mommy it's a woman and it's black!" I laughed and said to the congregation "How many of you have noticed I am a woman and black' raise your hand" They all did and we all laughed and it was one of my most memorable sermons. I always believe there should be joy in the church and out of church for those of us as believers. Humor is a great healing tool. Do you have any funny storie, memories or church typos to share. Keep smiling for God loves you so much!! Rev. Denise Rogers

-- Anonymous, October 27, 2000


Back in 1982, one of my best friends had recemtly been ordained an elder. A resident of the Second District, he visited our home church for a weekend. Since we were in Conference, the pastor asked him to fill the pulpit for the two services as a Supply Minister. My friend graciously accepted.

Well, our first service was at 8:30, and my friend was just a tad late. We began with devotional music, and at 8:30 he came running in the door and proceeded, without robe, to the pulpit. Clearly out of breath and somewhat harried, he proceeded to launch into the proclamation. The words had a somewhat calming effect on my friend, who had several years broadcasting experience, and he was able to move on to the call to worship and opening hymn. After a few remarks, he was beginning his segue to the Invocational prayer. Having expounded pithily, you could see confidence welling within. But at the conclusion of the transition, my friend said, "and now, let us go to the throne of Greece..."

We still share this humorous memory nearly 20 years later.

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2000

Hope nobody sees this as a personal testimony

When o trial in the Methodist Church during my first two year, I remember he first incident:

One of the great miracles of our Lord ... feeding 5 men with 5000 loaves of bread.

2nd incident .... preachers are always thankful when the audience is on the biggish crowd ... whilst ministering in prison I think it must have been a mistake to start ... I am so glad to see so many of you here today

Bye ... don;t keep the faith ... spread it

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2000

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