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Has anyone had any experience with Lotus split back printing out frames, if so how do you rate them, also does anyone know of any other maker in the UK or Europe, that are reliable and don't cost the earth. Thanking you.

-- chris kargotis (, October 27, 2000


You can often find old Kodak/Century split back printing frames for considerably less than the cost of new ones. Add anti-newton glass, and you're already ahead of the game.

-- David Goldfarb (, October 27, 2000.


The Lotus frames are nicely constructed and finished and are very solid. One feature that I have not seen on other frames (yet) is that the glass is in a groove, such that the glass stays put, whether you have the hinged back on or not. If you need to replace the glass, one side of the frame unscrews (has mortise and tenon joint) and the glass will slide out etc...


-- Steve Nieslony (, October 27, 2000.

Hi Chris

I use a Lotus 10x8" printing frame, and am very happy with it. However, I've not used any other ones, so I'm not sure how they compare. It's easy to load, and I've never experienced any problem with movement after inspecting the print. What I would say is you should get a frame that is one size larger than the prints you will be making. I am currently printing 5x4" negatives, and I find the 10x8" frame is fine for these. If I was printing 10x8", then I think the frame would be a bit tight - it's only fractionally bigger than 10x8". I think you would have to coat your paper, then trim it to size before printing.

I know that Gandolfi make a contact printing frame, but it's supposedly very expensive. You could also try Silverprint in London - I think they sell another make.

-- David Nash (, October 27, 2000.

Do you have to use a traditional spilt-back frame?

If not I can heartily recommend the Patterson hinged style ones. They are a lot faster/easier to use and clean and the glass on mine is pretty thick.

I suspect this is why I have not had problems with Newtons rings. The only time I got them was with a traditional split back frame with fairly thin glass (might have been replaced as the frame was QUITE old) and glossy R.C. paper.

-- Seam yates (, October 27, 2000.

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