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This is for the Horseman-specific users. I would like to know the precise measure of extention length of the protruding tele-lensboard. This specific lensboard is designed for Rodenstock APO Ronar 300mm, and will fit Fujinon C 300mm and Nikkor M 300mm as well, as the catalogue says. It consists of two pieces, the base-tube and the top mount which can be screw on each other becoming an intact board (convenient for mounting lens on). Please do not confuse with the one piece tele-board which is for shorter (240mm) lens. Response of where I can find this data is also appreciated. Thanks a lot!


-- Dongyun Hao (, October 27, 2000


Where did you get information on this lensboard? I corresponded with Horseman Japan about 2 years ago for a lensboard that I believe is the one you are describing but which is only in 1 piece, not two. I actually bought and used that lensboard for awhile with a 300 mm f9 Nikkor and it worked well. It has about a 65 mm extension if I remember correctly. It was quite expensive -- $250.00 or so through Badger Graphics. I have since switched to a 240 mm APO Ronar (for 6 cm x 9cm format) on the somewhat shorter board you mentioned and would consider selling you my super extended board (at a discount from the new price) if you are interested. I would be surprised if there is yet another Horseman lensboard that has two pieces like you are describing. You may want to talk to Jeff at Badger Graphics about it -- although he didn't have the catalogue number or information on the board I got, I obtained that information directly from Japan.

-- Howard Slavitt (, October 27, 2000.

Dongyun, please see my answer to this same question over on the MFD forum.

-- Garrett Adams (, October 27, 2000.

Sorry, Garrett, I do not know how to find out your previous answer(s) to my question. I would appreciate your further guidance. Thanks!

For Howard,

Thanks for your response! I am in Japan and having a 1999 edition of Horseman Catalogue. Besides the flat LB, Horseman has total 3 types, 5 protruding LBs available now. Type1 (my difinition) is actually not a tele-LB but the protrusion (only about 8mm) is to ease the operation, in particular, of the bigger shutter due to the small size of the 8cm sqare LB and of the front standard of VH/FA. This type of LB has two different shutter hole sized, #0 and #1. The Type2 is a true tele-LB which has a protrusion of 25mm. There are also two sizes, the #0 and #1. This LB is designed for use with T type of lens of 360 or 400mm. I have both the above two types of LBs. The messurements given above is the distance between the front surface of the protruding tube to the upper surface of the board base. The type3 is also a tele-LB and available only in size#1, since it is specifically designed for the APO Ronar, also the Fujinon C300mm and Nikkor M300mm. It has a mounting ring part which makes the mounting of lens (in paticular the #1 shuuter one) easily. After mounting the lens, the ring part can be screw onto the protruding tube. This is a smart design, since the back side of the protruding LB, a deep hole, does not allow lens mounting easily (especially for those with bigger hands). In fact, this difficulty already appears in the Type2 LB. According what I saw in the catalogue, the picture, and in a shop, the protruding extention is about what Howard described, 65mm?. I am thinking of getting this LB for my Nikkor M300mm on the VH, but hesitate to buying one due to its expensive cost. I beleive I can hand-make one and need the measure. Can you, or any others, knowledge me if a precise measure is necessary? I think, No. Thanks very much again!


-- Dongyun Hao (, October 29, 2000.


The original is just one tube with 46 mm from the outside of the lensboard. I just have it since 6 days and it works on my Horsemann HF 45 the pre version of FA!

-- Armin Seeholzer (, February 21, 2001.

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