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I use the Linhof cable releases on the Linhof boards with the built-in push-in fitting. My problen is that often the cable release does not release the shutter as the pin from the cable seems to not go thru the orifice in the board's push-in fitting for actuating the shutter. Additionally, the cable release does not seem to lock on to the fitting quite as firmly as it should. Is there a way of avoiding the problem? The equipment and has seen little use. Has Linhof made new versions of their cable releases or fittings?

-- Julio A. Fernandez (, October 26, 2000


The correct Linhof Cable Release has a smooth tapered tip without any thread on it. If yours has a thread then you can order a smooth tip for your release. In the US these are available from MARFLEX AT 973 808-9626.

If you have the smooth tip then you should contact Marflex or the Linhof Service Center in your country.

-- Bob Salomon (, October 26, 2000.

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