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Help! I need to replace an exercise for a teambuilding session I designed based around the Apollo 13 mission, combined with forming, stormingm norming, performing. I was ending it with an exercise called "if eggs could fly" where participants build a device from , paper, string, balloons, and tape & of coursre 2 eggs (not hard boiled)! I just found out they have done this! Any exercise that would inspire problem solving, collaboration, leadership, and conflict management& lots of fun. I would love to hear about it, Thanks Debra

-- debra taylor (, October 26, 2000


I have a great one using tinker toys. Before I type it up, please let me know if you already have it. It basically consists of different roles played by each team member with the ultimate goal of recreating a tinkertoy object that can be viewed by only two people on the team.

-- Jane Smith-Stage (, November 22, 2000.

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