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I have a problem with one of my dogs licking and chewing one of my other dogs.I have tried various products ie bitter bite stop chew tea tree oil.Can anyone please help.

-- Anonymous, October 26, 2000


Hi Stuart - and welcome!!!

I must admit, it is a problem I have with one of my dogs, and I have the devil of a job to stop him. Can you separate them for a little while during the day, and maybe give them a chew each? I`m thinking along the lines of using a distraction technique of some sort.

I did actually discuss this with my vet once, and she suggested that, although she could see that it would be a problem with show coats etc., in principle, mutual grooming was good healthy dog behaviour. So take some comfort in that at least! (:o)

-- Anonymous, October 26, 2000

I had this problem years ago with one of my bitches.My vet recommended to keep the hair between the paw always real short and to wash the paw with and antibacterial soap every two day. This worked for her and she stopped licking and chewing. Hope this is helpful

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2000

Did you sort out the licking problems Stuart? (:o)

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2001

no joy as yet but we are hopeful that we will over come this problem we are trying hot pepper sauce at the moment this looks like it my work

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2001

Desperate measures! (;o) Do be careful if it has chillis in it though, you wouldn`t want it getting in any of your dogs eyes!

We had one of those utterly chaotic kitchen `events` involving chillis. My husband was making himself a Chilli Con Carne one Saturday afternoon - I was upstairs having a lazy bath - bliss! However, my peace was rudely interrupted by panic stricken cries of `Roz!!! Roz!!!!`. I leap from my bath and descend the stairs (at twice the intended rate due to a little help from the cat), and confront a scene of total pandemonium in the kitchen.

Pete had been slicing chillies using a mandolin, but, of course, instead of using the correct and `safe` guide, he was holding the chillies in his fingers. The inevitable happened, and he neatly sliced the end off his middle finger. Bleeding profusely and in mortal agony (sliced finger liberally dowsed with fresh chilli oil = extreme pain) he thrashed around howling for attention and knocked the board with all the sliced chillies onto the floor. My pack of vultures, of course, were on it in a flash and, as is the way with chillies, they devoured the lot only discovering their mistake after they had swallowed.

These were seriously hot chillies, and by the time I arrived in the kitchen I had six dogs virtually lying on their backs, gasping and pointing to their throat with their paws!! (Ok so I exaggerate a bit there, but they were really distressed).

So, of course, I did what any self-respecting, dog-loving wife would do. I had a quick `rant` at my husband, something along the lines of `Of all the stupid things to do!!!`, and saw to the dogs first!

Some time later, while rather begrudgingly looking for an elastoplast for my still bleeding husband, it suddenly occured to me that we never did find the finger end! Yuck - made me shudder!! I assume that either the dogs got it (though there has been no evidence since that any of the dogs have turned into `man eaters`, or it ended up in the Chilli Con Carne - which fortunately neither I nor my daughter eat! (;o)

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2001

so your husband turned into a cannibal, did the dogs suffer any lasting effects from the chilli, as my dogs will eat the leftover of a chilli with gusto, they dont seem to mind itno matter how hot it is the only thing is i have some dirty rear ends to wash the following day.

-- Anonymous, August 22, 2001

No, my dogs will still hoover up anything in their paths! (:o)

-- Anonymous, August 22, 2001

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