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I am a recent convert to the A.M.E. Church and have really enjoyed the dialogue on this discussion board. The comments and responses on universal Christian topics as well as on issues unique to our denomination have been very enlightening. After reading several posts specific to A.M.E. practices, (receiving new members, duties of officers, etcB) I have noticed that the Discipline is often referred to.

Could someone provide further insight on any of the following items?

1. What exactly is the Discipline? -What is the major purpose(s) of the Discipline?

2. What is the historical background of the Discipline? -Who wrote it? -When was it first adopted? -Why does it need to be updated?

3. Is the Discipline, or use of one, contrary to the Bible?

4. How important is, or should be, the Discipline to the laity? -Does it apply more to the clergy? -Why don't more members even own a copy? -Isn't everything I need to know in the catechism?

I do not have a copy of the last edition of the Discipline, however I do plan to get the 2000 edition when it becomes available.

-- Anonymous, October 26, 2000

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