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I have room...!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen...; I was born in at and on Hamilton Air Force Base ; where do I find commerative photos videos and historical data for free or for Sale...I would like to collect some rare artifacts and place them in my estate...while I at the same time construct a room with the theme Where am I...Who am I...Why I am:

Sincerly; SFM = THT Send any and all artifacts to : 4063 Dwight street San Diego, California ::92105+3338 I can be reached at 1-619-283-07832 zPac Bells Message Center 7/24w/d

-- Shay Farrary James McDowell (SFMTHT@PACBELL.COM), October 25, 2000


Meanwhile Back in the Desert Island


اردن أخبار اخبار خبرﯾﮟ

-- imme (, April 15, 2003.

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