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hey, can anyone tell me if they can get me a copy of the full version (not a damn demo!) of win vcr, or any other type of mpeg encoder that encodes straight from a video source, without the use of avi, as my hard drive aint big enough for 2 hours of avi! so i want any mpeg encoding software, for free. download or anything, please please please!


-- andy hubbard (, October 25, 2000


I purchased a new ATI-TV Wonder card (which now supports MPeg-1), while it doesn't come with a video editor for Mpeg-1 it does a better job then what I was getting with WinVCR. P.S. So I retired my WinTV card.

-- Crometheus (, November 01, 2000.

i can give you a copy cause i got it free

-- danimalx (, May 05, 2001.

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