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Due to a renewed interest in comics (partly from this site), I'll be going to Mandarake (the one in Torrance) in a couple weeks for an extensive manga/doujinshi hunt. Problem is, I don't know any Japanese, & my knowledge of the scene is limited.

So, what are the "hot titles"? I like Yu Yu Hakusho, some Battle Angel, and various shoujo manga (currently reading A,A'), but am open to anything... any suggestions?

-- Paul (, October 25, 2000


Oh yeah, and you don't have to list hentai titles, although a *little* of that would be appreciated ;)

-- Paul (, October 25, 2000.

I mean I don't know that much about the Japanese stuff, I've been following domestic anime/manga for a while. BTW, I finished A,A', terrific book! Moto Hagio is a masterful storyteller, even if that first part was a little O. Henryish. Recommended.

Tomorrow night is Utena... can't wait...

-- Paul (, October 25, 2000.

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