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This was before he had his powerful computer (I can't check it right now - I'm at college.)

The score is more than twice higher than the rest.


-- Anonymous, October 24, 2000


the badlands looks fine to me; this is an easier game than people are making recordings for. just remember before we go for on the scape goat trail: people who are honest in saying what they record below speed are much more likely to be honest about saying nothing about recordings they recorded honestly.

in my opinion, jr always used frameskip and no sound to get it to a playable speed, before the fated recording. i remember because i used to check a lot of his recordings and they wouldn't work unless i emailed him and he always reported that he used no sound and frameskip 8 - to which i used to playback ok.

-- Anonymous, October 25, 2000

Honest? SportsDude? Err... hmm... I beg to differ.

(1) A while ago he said something on the board to the effect that slowdown was only a minor offence and couldn't be helped in a lot of cases. But autofire was a MAJOR offence. Not very surprising coming from someone who plays a lot of puzzle games (where slowdown is extremely "helpful" and autofire is useless) and not many shooters. As for puzzle games:

(2) A LOT of his puzzle games have been deleted already for reasons of slowdown. NONE of those had any "honest remarks" in the description.

(3) Just recently, he said something on the board to the effect that the editors must have missed a lot, because a lot of his recordings that hadn't been deleted (yet) were recorded too slow as well.

SportsDude is no scapegoat. He's a notorious user of slowdown, and, by his own words, he doesn't see much wrong with using slowdown either. I think he has even admitted (but never in the descriptions of his recordings!) to slowing games down on purpose...

Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Anonymous, October 25, 2000

hmm, i don't remember him saying he didn't think slowdown was bad. I do want everyone to note, if he is using slowdown all along he's one of the very few to admit it. That can't be dishonest.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2000

His statement that slowdown is only a minor offence was in a thread on autofire on the board a while ago:

Not dishonest? An honest person wouldn't upload recordings that were way too slow to start with. And he knew that he was doing it, too. How else can he state that a lot of his recordings were recorded too slowly? And, stated that way, it even sounds like he did it on purpose.

And even if an honest person uploaded a recording that was too slow, wouldn't he at least put something to that effect in the description?

It looks to me like he did not agree with the rule that slowdown is disallowed and that he ignored the rule and did it anyway. And the fact that he didn't put anything like that in the description seems to indicate to me that he was hoping that, even if a few got caught, his others would slip through.

Last but not least, I really did not appreciate him saying "F*** YOU" to me a few days after I had zeroed out his S.T.U.N. Runner recording, especially not since he wasn't brave enough to actually join #marp on IRC to say it to me, but relayed all his messages on ICQ through JD Lowe. He felt safe yelling at me that way, but refused to actually join the channel.

Excuse me, but, no, I don't see any reason to say anything good about SportsDude. I hope he meant it when he said he wouldn't come back to MARP. Good riddance.

Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2000

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