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I have been told that of a last work by Poe that was meant to be his greatest culminating work, and was his last real work before he died. I believe that it's title was "Eureka"(?). It was supposed to have been a philosophical work re: metaphysics and reality. Has anyone heard of this? The title may be off somewhat...I'm trying to track this one down...

-- Anonymous, October 24, 2000



I cannot say that his last work was "Eureka - A Prose Poem" because he did so much more than just write prose and poetry. However, his last poem has been said to be "Annabel Lee" and was completed around May of 1849. His last tale was thought to be "Landor's Cottage" and it was first printed in June of 1849. It appears "Eureka" was first printed in 1848 and was first a lecture on the Universe.

The text for "Eureka" can be found on-line at:



-- Anonymous, October 24, 2000

it was a letter to his gay boyfriend.

-- Anonymous, October 25, 2000

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