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Any word when we'll see the Single Sheet Readyloads. I'm anxious to try the Portra. And yes I know that If I wanted to to load film holders I could have been using it for a while.

-- Ira Gluck (, October 24, 2000


We were told the film is coming out in November. Jeff

-- Jeff (, October 24, 2000.

Every time I have spoken with Kodak's help line or with one of their reps in the field, I have been told they will ramp up for distribution in November. They did not say whether it would be early, middle or late in the month. Probably also depends on how much back stock dealer might have before they order the new version. Calumet in Chicago has not seen much information about when it will come either according to the last time I stopped there. As for B&W, the earliest for that (yes, I know many people doubt it will ever happen) would be in January.

John Bailey

-- John Bailey (, October 25, 2000.

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