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Wow, does this bad boy rock or what!?!? I'm only on song 5 of the first disc, but I'm really blown away, and this is coming from a guy who's heard PLENTY of live Bruce.

This album is absolutely incredible and i can't wait to give it to people for gifts and the lik during hte holiday season. What better gift than 2 CDs worth of live Bruce!!!!

Woo hoo!

-- Miguel (, October 24, 2000



Congrats on your mention in the liner notes. You've been an invaluable resource in my Bruce collection (you spun several shows for me back in 95-96). Hopefully this album will help spread the word re live bruce. PS - how did the law thing work out? Did you know Bruce's brother John is UVA law alumni? Also wondering if you ever heard D'earth's jazz CD's (w/ bum bee + co.). Bruce sat in with them down in C'ville with Pat Metheney back in '99 some time. Now that would be a tape to find...

-- jdub (, October 24, 2000.

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