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I'm thinking of using a Schneider "macro" lens, in particular, the 80 mm, as a wide angle lens for general landscape use for the 6 cm x 9 cm format. Schneider says the lens is optimized for between 1:4 and 4:1, but will it perform well at inifinity focus as well? I know that in 35mm format, the macro lenses are often used at infinity focus and perform very well. Would this be different with large format lenses? The reason why I want to use this lens is because it's very small, and, in particular, takes a 40.5mm filter, which means it will fit inside the body of my Horseman VH and really cut down on weight/size requirements when backpacking. Thanks in advance for your help.

-- Howard Slavitt (, October 24, 2000


On the Schneider web site the 80 is listed as being designed of a 6X9 negative. But I wonder if that gives you enough image circle when you are at macro distances. The image circle will be a lot smaller at infinity and there is no information (that I can find) in regard to this on Schneider's site.

If there IS enough image circle then I don't see why this lens shouldn't give you superb sharpness. This lens will of course be only slightly wide for 6X9.

-- David Grandy (, October 25, 2000.

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