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I'm really suspicious about the new blood in this game using slowdown... yet I really don't have anything very concreate to prove it... YET.

Ashumie gave a great idea to prove all - a heptatholon version of magdrop2 and 3 for the Olympiad.

I'd LOVE to pose challenges now - but I don't trust MAME 35 TG 3 as much as others...

In case you're wondering why the Olympiad is between February and June as a start date - I'm admitting something - I'm waiting for BenJos's MAMETE to come out before moving on with the MAME Olympiad. Of course I'm not rushing anybody... I want this thing as secure as possible like everyone else does. GB9

-- Anonymous, October 24, 2000


yeah ben is god, wait for his version of mame to come out before doing any challenges or decathalons. i wish we could even postpone the tournament(s) in waiting for the new mame. I have no doubt that Brian is a good player, and i have more doubts that he is capable of even cheating with m35tg3 but i'd be so much more comfortable to be beaten at wjammers with a more secure mame.

I agree when you see that kind of MVDV phenominal play with the magdrops, slowdown always comes into mind.

-- Anonymous, October 24, 2000

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