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October 23, 2000 02:08:33 PM

Islamic Terrorists Arriving In The Mideast From Britain

(IsraelWire-10/23) According to the British based BObserver,B Islamic fundamentalists who recently underwent training in the UK to learn shooting and bomb assembly skills, have left for the Middle East, with many landing in Lebanon and Jordan. The new combatants are planning to join the war against Israel.

The Observer interviewed three persons in their twenties who attended training facilities in clandestine locations in northern London. The three explained they were waiting for the paperwork to permit them to leave the UK for the Middle East, where they will be joining the Bholy war against Israel.B One of the three, who is 25, explained he is a member of the Islamic Movement since he is 8 and prior to undergoing training in London, he attended similar training camps in Pakistan.

The three explained that in addition to the holy war in Israel, they plan to strike out against Jewish institutions in Britain that identify or monetarily support the State of Israel. Among the targets mentioned are Marks & Spencer and the Jewish Chronicle newspaper.

Over the past week, anti-Semitic attacks in England continue to rise. Over the past week, Moslems attacked 13 synagogues in London. This in addition to last weekBs attack in which Stanford Hill resident David Meyers, a yeshiva student, was stabbed over 20 times. There is also a marked increase in the distribution of hate literature aimed against Jews in London, Manchester and other areas.

-- Martin Thompson (, October 24, 2000

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