Spirituality and consumerism

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I was just wanting to open up the discussion on the whole Operah / Spritualism topic, since it sort of ran out of time today. Personally, I see the selling of Spiritualism in 2 lights 1. It is being marketed for products and profits (books, etc) 2. It is at least being talked about. I see the first part as negative, because it strikes me in the same was as marketing and selling anti-consumerism (like gaining profit off of a "Wage Slave" shirt), and it renders it to a trend.. to something that ends when it's out of fashion. But, if it's being discussed, at least it's on the public agenda. I just thought others might want to voice opinions on this, because (unfortunately) I am not as optimistic as some of the speakers in class today. Thanks! Andrea

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2000


I tend to be cautious as well. The term "spirituality" is as nebulous as one can get, far too mushy for my liking. What exactly is it supposed to be dealing with? Self-esteem? Sense of life purpose? Personal control? Rebellion against traditional religious institutions? The fastest growing group in Christianity these days is the Charismatic group, which may be a sign of a resurgence of spirituality. But as one who spent several decades in similar religious/spiritual groups which had limited accountability and lots of free-flowing feeling, I'm more than a little cautious about that which is labelled spiritual. The oppression often evident in groups like these is incredibly dangerous.


-- Anonymous, October 23, 2000

Spirituality is really interesting to me. I feel that it who you are and is a reflection of your beliefs. But is there really a way to define spirituality? Is it not something different to everyone?

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2000

A possible working definition? spirituality is a sense of purpose that is informed/empowered/influenced through a personal connection to the Ultimate.

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2000

To Margot and Richard I offer this: I think the beauty in "Spirituality" is that it is undefinable, humanly. Spirituality is intensely personal. Why burden ourselves with trying to understand it as a concept? Margot, I agree, the term itself suggests mushiness and ambiguity. To me it has negative implications with all of the New Age trendy "Spirituality" which to me leads to yet another dead end, especially as it becomes a part of the consumer world and is extremely, extremely elitist. But I think the spiritual experience is anything but that. I'll try to explain a little of my own (all too scarce) experience with it. It enriches and secures my understanding of reality. It heightens my senses and inspires me to love. It teaches truth, and a sense of self. I want to hear how other people experience spirituality? As a sidenote, this is a very romantic ideal, even the idea that spirituality is not necessarily experienced in religious institutions.

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2000

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