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I captured Mpeg2 with the DVC II into SVCD format. The clip plays fine. I used I-Author to produce an SVCD image and burned it with EZCD Creator. It plays in my Apex 600 fine, including chapter points. The quality is great.

However, fast forward and rewind do not work. I thought it might be because the DVC II does not insert headers before every GOP, so I de-muxed with TMPG (required for use with I-Author anyway), and used MpegSequenceMaker to insert headers in the .mpv file. Afterward's, this "converted" file plays fine on my PC's.

I used I-Author to re-mux the video and audio files into an .MPS (required with I-Author). This .MPS file plays on my PC's with audio only! No video!

I then used I-Author to produce the image file, and burned it to disk (both CD-R and CD-RW).

The resulting disk plays the menu's just fine (.BMP's), but not the video. There is sound, but no picture. I can't even play the thing on a PC.

I assume the converted .mpv file (with headers inserted) is somehow not compatible with I-Author's Muxing module, or else I have something set wrong (though I followed the instructions at:, but the program doesn't reject it. In fact, it reports the disc image was created fine.


-- Leebo (, October 23, 2000


I forgot to mention: MpegSequenceMaker has two buttons that are greyed out - "Analize" and "Options". The answer could be there, however, no matter which file I use, the two buttons remain geryed out.

-- Leebo (, October 23, 2000.

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