WA Lenses fit Linhofs?

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I am considering a purchase of a Linhof Technikardan 45S or a used Technika. I use a 72mm Super Angulon and a 110 Schneider lens. While I know they fit and work on my present field camera, I am unsure if either will work on the saller Linhof boards and front standards. Can some one help? Bob

-- Bob Moulton (bmoulton@icc.cc.il.us), October 23, 2000


I use the 110 on my 45S. The Super Angulon should work fine as well. In general, you can use almost any lens on the 45S; it has a long bellows draw. I use a 58mm with a recessed board just fine.

-- lloyd chambers (photo@llc4.com), October 23, 2000.

The TK takes lenses as short as the 35mm 4.5 Apo Grandagon up. The only one that does not fit is the 90mm XL whose rear element is too big to fit through the hole in the body.

You can call us at 800 735 4373 if you need specifics on lenses and boards.

-- Bob Salomon (bobsalomon@mindspring.com), October 23, 2000.

I use Linhof Technikardan lens boards (fits the TK S45) w/ a 90XL. The 90XL I have has an outer ring (the part the inner lens cap grips) that unscrews, which allows one to fit the rear element through a Technikardan lens board.

-- James Chow (dr_jchow@yahoo.com), October 24, 2000.

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