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can you plese tell me all you can about edgal allan poe's funeral.what kind it was how was it done, I need all information that has to do with his funeral as to what kind of funeral he had please.

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-- Anonymous, October 23, 2000



Edgar Allan Poe died at the Washington College Hospital in Baltimore between 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. on Sunday morning October 7, 1849. His remains were prepared for viewing and on October 9, 1849, the body of Edgar Allan Poe was removed for burial in the Presbyterian Church Cemetery in a lot owned by his grandfather, General David Poe.

In his book, Edgar Allan Poe  A Critical Biography, Arthur H. Quinn states it was a cold, raw afternoon when the funeral procession with only four men in attendance paid Edgar his final tribute. His cousin Neilson Poe; his uncle by marriage, Henry Herring; a long time friend and fellow author, Dr. John E. Snodgrass; and his life long friend from boyhood, Z. Collins Lee.

Officiating at the service was the Reverend W. T. D. Clemm of the Carolina Street Methodist Episcopal Church in Baltimore.

In November of 1875, a monument was dedicated to his memory and his remains were moved to the southeastern corner of the cemetery known today as the Westminster Burial Ground. His wife, Virginia was moved from New York and placed beside those remains of Edgar and her mother, Maria Poe Clemm. Among many in attendance at the memorial service were, Judge Neilson Poe; Walt Whitman an American poet; and John H. B. Latrobe. Letters were read from Henry W. Longfellow, John G. Whittier, William C. Bryant and Alfred Tennyson.


-- Anonymous, October 23, 2000

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