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when do you supose they will release the other 2 episode tapes on dvd?

what an stupid thing to do.. i mean.. just releaseing one.

i won't even buy the first one till the others come out.. (how do know they wont release it in a nice colecter set like with the last one).

-- Rom (, October 22, 2000


I know what you mean, it's a crying shame they never put the whole series on digital video disc. Problem is, MTV still doesn't know what to do with it... they've had this Aeon movie on the back burner for what, 3-4 years? But if you're torn between the first VHS and the DVD, I'd say go for it, buy the DVD, because not everything makes it to DVD. I'm still waiting for Frogtown...

-- Paul (, October 23, 2000.

Yeh.. got the VHS's..

but in the case of what your telling me.. i realy wish some other company would buy the rights and re release something / all of them. maybe even improve on the dvd by adding storyboard art and out take'n story board art.. heck theirs enough writen up about episodes.. why not include guides to them too.. and subtittleing in diffent languages.. and ect ect ect.. i could go on.

but i just got off my 12 hr shift and my brain hurts. :)

-- Rom (, October 24, 2000.

That's what I mean about MTV not knowing what to do. They won't license it to anyone else, because they're still using it (on their website anyhow) and it's a part of their "identity". At the same time, they're not developing it, so why not let it go? They're like the Bill Gates of pop culture, aargh.

-- Paul (, October 25, 2000.

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