Herbs - 7 Tools for Health

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I make no claim as to the efficacy of any use of the
plants in this database. The medicinal uses presented
are for investigative purposes only.


Native Plants

Native plants are the oldest and safest tools for treating
illness. Most of today's medicines are derived or based on
the action of medicinal plants.

Plantain - Plantago major

Plantain is a wonderful wound medicine. It is good for
bee stings and open wounds. It is also a great tool to
fight Staphylococcus infection. I dry the plant and keep
it in a dry air tight container for use when it is out-of
season. To use: reconstitute with water and put on
wound as a poultice. Wrap with gauze to keep it in place.
In the Summer when stung by a bee or wasp, chew leaf
and apply to the sting area.

Peppermint - Mentha piperita

Peppermint is a good stomachic, which is good to use for
upset stomach. It is contra-indicated for pregnant women.

Aloe - Aloe vera

Aloe is a must as a house plant. There are few remedies
better than this for burns. Just break off a leaf and spread
the juice on the wound.

Onion - Allium spp.

Onion is used as an expectorant for colds and coughs.
Cook the onion and mix with honey. It is also a good
poultice for burns and stings.

Chickory - Cichorium intybus

Dry the root, then roast and grind it. It is good as a
hepatic, diuretic, stomachic, tonic and laxative.

Strawberry - Fragaria spp.

A tea from the leaf and flower can be used as a
laxative, diuretic and astringent. The fruit can be used
as a dentifrice, a cosmetic and for sunburn.

Gumweed - Grindelia integrifolia

This is the best poultice for poison ivy blisters.

Sunflower - Helianthus annus

The crushed rood is good for bruises, coughs and colds

Catnip - Nepeta cataria

This is a refrigerant which can lessen a fever.

Rose - Rosa spp.

A tea from the hips is used as a refrigerant, astringent
and stomachic. Mixed with honey, it is used for coughs.

Figwort - Scrophularia californica

This plant can be used to break fevers.

Dandelion - Taraxacum officinale

Dry, roast and grind the roots. It is good for the liver
and is a detoxifier.

Clover - Trifolium spp.

For coughs, liver, sedative, carminative and digestive distress.

-- spider (spider0@usa.net), October 22, 2000



Great List! Thanks; I've printed it out to add to the other materials in my Health/Healing notebook.


-- Scotia (scotia@ovis.net), October 24, 2000.

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