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a question by a Mike Bechtold that I just happened to find in this list mentions download of a AE-1P manual -- apparently as recommended in a previous answer. I couldn't find the source for this - is it still avialable somewhere?


-- stefan hunsche (, October 22, 2000


The AE1-P manual is at:, plus manuals and literature for other Canon FD equipment. Enjoy....Mark.

-- MarkD (, October 24, 2000.


many of the Canon FD manuals can be viewed and downloaded at (or :


Christian Rollinge

-- Christian Rollinger (, November 07, 2000.

The only problem with those online manuals are they are GIFs. Much harder to DL and print. ANd then, they are harder to read due to the resolution.

It would be nicer to have them as PDF files.

Not trying to be overly critical, just having them at all is WONDERFUL.

-- Terry Carraway (, November 09, 2000.

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