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There is nothing like the power of the word for transformation and introduction to the love of Christ. Rev. Fisher's revival sermons certainly revived my spirit for evangelism. I encourage all of you to listen to the sermons. They are about 20 minutes long. And can be found on the home page of AME Today. If there is congestion from the net you may want to try again when it is not so busy on the net, such as later in the evening. Last night I reread Dr. Martin Luther Kings "Christmas sermon on peace" it is even more timely today. What sermons have touched your heart and mind? As you can tell Rev. Fisher's "Jesus on my mind" has really affected me positively. What sermons and preachers help your spiritual growth. Peace with Christ, Rev. Denise Rogers

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2000


Your bishop has presented several memorable sermons. When he was pastor at St. Paul, Bishop John preached "Jailbird", "Making God Happy", and his farewell sermon "Every Sleeping Beauty Has a Prince". During his time at Bethel Baltimore I heard "When God Strikes Back." As a bishop, one his memorable ones is "The Plains of Ono".

Rev. Roderick Dawson preached the Annual Sermon at the Texas Annual Conference this year - "Blacksmith Religion." (A full report on TAC will come on a separate thread.) Annual sermons are often good sources of memorable sermons. A few years ago (1994) Pastor Payne preached "There's a Famine in the Land." I seem to recall Frank Reid III doing a revival on "the Plantation Mentality."

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2000

I have many, but there are three that come to mind as I go through life's journey. The first sermon was by Rev. Renita Weems, approximately ten years ago, I heard her preach "Beating Back the Buzzards." My pastor, Rev. Dr. Jeffrey N. Leath, preached a most powerful sermon titled "Good for Goodness Sake." The third sermon was by Rev. Juanita Walters of Philadephia where she preached on "Assume the Holding Position." These three sermons have had major impacts on my life. Time has passed since I heard the message, but the contents were placed in my heart. Rev. Denise Rogers, you have a beautiful spirit. I pray God's blessings for you and your family.

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2000

WOW! I have heard some fantastic sermons by many of our AME preachers that have had such a move over me. From Bishop Henry A. Belin Jr's sermon on "Patmos" at the 1998 Annual Conference here in NY, to Rev. O'Neil Mackey preach "If I can only get to church!" My Pastor Rev. A. Earl Jordan once preached the "Quietness of Jesus" Encouraging and teaching preachers that Jesus said more in His silence than we can ever say with words. I have had the privelage of hearing such preachers as Bishop Belin, Bishop Cousin, Bishop McKenzie (She is a PHENOMINAL PREACHER, WHEN EBONY LISTED HER AS ONE OF THE TOP WOMEN PREACHERS THEY SHOULD HAVE LISTED HER AS ONE OF THE TOP AMONG MEN AND WOMEN, Bishop Kirkland, Rev. a. Earl Jordan, rev. Kevin D. Jordan, rev. Jackie G. Reeves, Rev. Floyd Flake, Henry Belin III & Roderick D. Belin. These preachers have preached sermons that have impacted my life and my ministry.

-- Anonymous, October 24, 2000

I love the Word of God and when I hear good preaching, it's just satisfying. Rev. Jackie McCollough, comes to mind as an oustanding woman minister. I am part of Wellspring Ministries, the pastor Rev. Sondra Gentry-Walker. I continue to be overwhelm by her knowledge and insight into spiritual matters.

Recently, during the Black Expo in Indianapolis, I was privileged to hear Rev. Jesse Jackson for the first time. His sermon was about the Church being the Ark (Like Noah's Ark). It was outstanding, my heart was moved and blessed. I went because I wanted to hear Rev. Jackson, but I received much more.

I did get a chance to listen to Rev. John Fisher's sermon on the Internet. You were correct, it was very moving. It's good to put a voice with his newsletters. He is a preacher, one that loves God.

-- Anonymous, October 27, 2000

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