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Please please please, someone tell me if there is anyway of making vcd, or even mpeg video using an ordinary video card like "win tv go" so that i can make vcd's from tv programs. Or is there anyother hardware/software i can get to do the job? thanks.....

-- andy hubbard (, October 22, 2000


Yes, there basically is. The "Win TV" comes with a Capture program, which is not necessarly great but get's the job done. With that you can capture a raw AVI File. They do suggest typically a BTYUV Format for capturing. Alternatively you can get the HUFFYVUV and use that for capture. Doing that or the first solution will give you about 6 GB for 20 minutes captured (Hope your harddrive is big enough, since the "Win TV GO" is typically used for laptops). After that you can use editing programs or standalone products to convert into MPG and than burn as VCD with the right software such as NERO. On the latter one's there's plenty of information you find all over this forum.

Cheers - Homer

-- Homer (, October 23, 2000.

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