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I have a brand spanking new Sony DAV-S300 DVD system. According to the DVD guide this thing is supposed to be able to play DCR VCD's. I have tried everything from regular CD-R, CDRW and Truesilver CDs and none will play. Am I missing something? I guess it doesnt play CD-R's!!! Can anyone play CD-R in their Sony DAV-S300 system? Please let me know if you have been able to.

-- Scott Yoshinaga (, October 21, 2000


Hi Scott,

I don't have the Sony player but I do have the Panasonic A110 unit. I have tried so many CD-R and have finally found one that will work in my player. "Art Media" is one of the cheapest you can find anywhere and guess what? It is the only one that will work on my player. My burned VCD's work on my player. Try it and let me know.


-- Prakash (, November 10, 2000.


I have buy a DAV-S300 last week and i have the same problem any of my CDR can be listen on ! ! !

-- christian (, November 24, 2000.

it plays cdrw. try a different brand, or slower writing speed. it will also play a 2400 video bitrate.

-- ndumu (, November 24, 2000.

As Sony tries to push everyone to the MD, they do not allow playback of CDR, CDRW and so on.

-- Tom Mercken (, November 29, 2000.

I also have the Sony DAV-S300. Here's what I've learned:

- Won't recognize TDK 650MB (blue) CD-Rs (Adaptec-burned audio CDs) - Won't recognize TDK 700MB (blue) CD-Rs (WinOnCD-burned VCDs)

P.S. I know that some people have said that CD-RWs work better. I will try that. But among those who has been able to create CD-Rs audio CD or VCDs, what was the color of the CD?

-- Thumper Strauss (, January 02, 2001.

The sony dav s300 will play Mr Platinum CDRs and Princo Silver/Blue CDRs burnt with Nero and EZCD, Also will play Sirius CDRW.

-- Brett Abbott (, January 04, 2001.


TDK 74m CD-R (blue) AudioCD encoded using AdaptecEasyCD - NO

TDK 80m CD-R (blue) VCD encoded using WinOnCD 3.7 - NO

Sony 74m CD-R (blue) PhotoAlbumCD using WinOnCD 3.7 - NO

Verbatim 74m CD-RW VCD encoded using WinOnCD 3.7. - YES

-- Thumper Strauss (, January 04, 2001.

That's Write! 80m CD-R (light blue) AudioCD encoded using Adaptec Easy CD Creator works fine.

-- Julian Iizuka (, January 23, 2001.

I have Sony DAV-S300 also I tried using Office Depot 750mb cdr also no luck

-- alfonso (, March 05, 2001.

That's Write 74 Min. is also working perfectly. But be carefull only the new Thats Write are working. I also had an old Thats Write and that didn't work. The new Thats Write cd-r are more bright than the old one.

(Philps 74 Min, Traxdata 74 Min., Nashua 80 Min and Lifetec 74 Min didn't work).

-- Ron Alders (, March 18, 2001.

no problem with any cdrw but have had no luck with cdr. will try the ones in above responses

-- jeff (, March 29, 2001.

I also have a Sony DAV-S300 and I was loosing any hope on being able to play CD-R on it, when I tried this realy unexpensive CDs: Mitsai. Everything I record on it works. Music, VCD, etc... I've also found that it reads every CD-R with a Light Blue color.

-- Carlos Marques (, April 03, 2001.

I have been experimenting with the VCD's for the DAV S300 as well, I found that all CD RW's work fine up to press.

Whilst were on the subject does anyone know what rates to set for MPEG 1 to obtain the best Quailty possible for VCD's that will play back OK on the Sony DAV S300. Please E Mail me with any infomation.

Music VCD's :

I made "MP3" cd's by coding blank video at 100kb with audio at 224 kb using Pinnacle DV Software and Easy CD Creator 4 Deluxe: about 5 hours on 80 min CD. Great ! regular MP3 CDs DO NOT work :(

VCD's :

As for MPEG 1 Software encoders the best I have found up to press is

TMPGEnc Beta12e download via the link below & then get english Patch

Does anyone know of a cheap capture card (Digital or Analouge) that grabs to Mpeg1 at high levels i.e. better than Dazzle Analouge. Any ideas then please let me know.

-- Andy Mahoney (, April 12, 2001.

I have tried some chead Samsung CDR74 with no success. I am going to try some TDK but I am not too hopeful as I just read on this page that someone already and failed. I'll try a CDRW next . I am trying to build a VideoCD with Nero5. Manu

-- Manu (, May 04, 2001.

I've noticed that CD-RW works best for VCD. Also I noticed that burning disk at once works better for me then write track by track. Same results on Adaptec EZ CD and Nero burning Rom.

-- Harold (, May 21, 2001.

I have got a DAV-S300 and I can´t listen my music write in CD-R. Anybody can help me how to do it? Please write me an e-mail.

-- Fernando Barrio (, May 28, 2001.

My S360 will play Sony CD-RW650's but not TDK CD-W700.

-- Chris Dreiling (, June 27, 2001.

I have had success with VCD burning with an HP 9150i burner, Imation CD-RW in the thin jewel cases and Nero 5. Have not tried music yet.

-- Ron (, July 11, 2001.

VCD's (nero 5.0) on CD-RW 74 min BASF - EMTEC work perfect (except for the quality, compared with VHS).

-- Dirk Gabriel (, August 13, 2001.

i've had some luck with princo silver/blues... one of the discs read ALL of the time, another one has read and played ONCE and only ONCE, another will recognize the tracks but not play and the rest NEVER play... it's such a crapshoot.. i have a sony cd burner and am using adaptec ez-cd creator 4, burning at 1x speed or 2x speed, never at 4x... any solutions out there? going to try nero software hoping that will provide better luck...

-- (, September 19, 2001.

My cousin has just got this playah

It seems that any CD I burn with nero will run fine on it, where as stuff done with DJ or CDRWIN just stops

I think its down to the way that nero burns, using the NRI TOC Finalization system

Hope this helps, I just need to find a Region/Macro hack for the little SOB now :)

-- AKX (, November 23, 2001.

HI ! i have tested in my sony dav-s300 princo 80 cd-r and work very well !!!

-- davide (, December 17, 2001.

Hi guys, I've tested a lot of media in my Sony DAV-S300, and the results are as following :

1st : Almost all CDR media are NOT playable on the system (except the 80min/700Mb Medium Silver or Light Blue CDR but not all !!)

2nd : All CDRW burnt with Nero 5.5 (VCD Encoding and DAO writing) are PLAYABLE on the system without any problems !!!

3rd : I am still testing new media...

See you all...

-- pariZienne (, December 17, 2001.

From reading the review on, it seems that Vivastar CDRs always work on a Sony DAV-S300. I've not tried it out myself, but will do soon. I do know that Kodak and Samsung CDRs don't work.

-- Ahura Mazda (, April 06, 2002.

VCD with CDRW work fine with my DAV-S300 european model.

And what about SVCD ? Anybody ?

-- goncalo morais (, April 24, 2002.

Forget the SVCD playability on the DAV-S300. The player only play's VCD and XVCD. Vivastar work fine but make sure that the disc is new and not the older one.

Good luck for all.

" The key to happiness is having dreams. The key to success is making dreams come true."

-- Marco de Grauw (, May 29, 2002.


-- davie magraw (, June 14, 2002.

Up to now I have found 3 brands of cd-r that will play in my Sony DAV- S300 DVD player.......Datasafe (original), Sirius, and Princo. All 3 have the same pale blue dye. This seems to be the only colour dye that the DAV-S300 will entertain. Haven't tried any cd-rw yet... Also won't play SVCD, only standard VCD format.

-- Dwayne Dibley (, June 20, 2002.

I have a DAV_S300 and it plays CDRs PRINCO burned with any software. It works with music and VCDs succesfully. Good Luck!!

-- A&A Systems (, June 25, 2002.

It can play burned VCDs. I can play CR-RWs but not CD-Rs

-- Sumesh KP (, June 27, 2002.

I'm not able to play any CDRW in my Sony DAV-S300. Any idea or tip about this issue?

-- Mauro (, July 11, 2002. S300&DVDselect=&Submit=Search&Search=Search&price=100000&rate=0&commen ts=0

-- Mark (, July 15, 2002.

Er.. the url pasted badly, remove all the spaces from it!

-- Mark (, July 15, 2002.

I have had my DAV S300 for a year now and I really want to watch DVDS on regios other than 2. Please somebody out there must know a hack?

Craig Eat The Rich

-- Craig Young (, July 24, 2002.

Try these cdr's, datasafe 24x(24speed only),these work on my mates sony's no problem,do not try 32x,40x, they will not work,they are like gold dust tring to get them,good luck

-- daz (, August 20, 2002.

I have the DAV S300 now for 2 years. I have no problems with VIVASTAR 74m. I tried VIVASTAR 80m and had no luck. Same with LG CD-RW, it won´t work. I use Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4. Never tried Nero before. Maybe I shood.

-- Peter Mueller (, September 19, 2002.

suddenly my dav-s300 plays only dvd and not video cd like princo cd-r or prime dusk cd-rw which used to play ok before.

-- Michael (, November 15, 2002.

I have also purchased said item and can not play any type of recorded media or audio, but have been told that you can change internal dip switches to over come this or is that not so. Or do you have to get it chipped up to get over the same problems, or are we all legally right to sue Sony for selling us goods under false pretence as it can not clearly do as stated. Please give us a reply as I am a frustrated and getting now where fast.

-- Tony (, November 29, 2002.

dear collegas.i think cd-r or cdrw is not problem.problem is setting of the burning programs and burning speed.i couldnt succeed it before.but who succeed it please he must write his program and setting.must be cd-r.thx

-- tayareci (, December 06, 2002.

I had used Imation CD-RW and everything worked correctly. But one day the DAV-S300 stopped reading these CD's. Has this happened to anybody else.

-- Bruno Sánchez (, December 13, 2002.

Followed this discussion with great interrest. For me worked an Acer CR R/W just fine, together with Nero 5.0. All I've tried so far is audio.

-- Cees (, January 01, 2003.

hey guyz its working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i use "Verbatim" CD RW 2x-4x, 650 MB cd and nero 5.5 burning rom to record the svcd and its working now!!!!!!!!!!!! yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

-- kiri (, January 10, 2003.

Hello I have buy a DAV-S300 last year and i have the same problem any of my CD-R can be listen on ! ! ! Princo-white and Benq its o.k.,I think the Sony dont work !!!!!!

-- Bruno Basic (, January 13, 2003.

Does anybody actually have the facts??

I have used two CRW drive LG 8080 & MSI CR4802.

With the LG, CloneCD & Princo disks, some copies work. i.e. A particular disk can be copied reliably, repeatedly. However, other CD's don't work. This can be copies of originals or copies of Gold copies.

The master CD's that work in the LG, when used in the MSI create copies that do not work even though config for CloneCD is the same and burning is done at 4x.

Seems to have hardware & software dependencies.

Can someone detail the hardware and software configs that work reliably for all CD's, please

-- Steve Rees (, January 13, 2003.

I live in the Netherlands and have a DAV-S300. Can someone tell me which CD-r CD-rw i can use on my DAV-S300 in the Netherlands. Thankz a lot!!!

-- Roland Hollanders (, January 15, 2003.

As best as I can determine, all reported successes of CD-R's seem to be based on Dye:Cyanine,Write Strategy:0 Long or 1 Long.

The only exception being the Princo's which use Dye:Phythalocyne, Write Strategy:8 Short (I only had 10% work)

You can find the a CD that should work with the link below. Check the brand in your store and look for Cyanine, 0 Long.

That's my hypothysis, I still need to verify.

-- Steve Rees (, January 15, 2003.

Paradox CD-R 1x 24x 80min 700MB are sold as being compatible with Sony DVD players. I've tried one and it works....

-- Darren Morley (, January 24, 2003.

i have an sony dav S300 system but i can play back all kinds of cd r (w)'s also vcd it works fine whit me and i am from the netherlands i dont now what your problems are but it works fine here!!!

-- robin (, February 06, 2003.

My DAV S300 plays Silver PRINCO CD-R, but sometimes it fails. I don't know why. Maybe it depends of the recording speed, the size of the VCD,...? Anybody knows if it's possible to UPDATE the FIRMWARE of the DAV S300?

-- MININO (, February 14, 2003.

I had no problems with CD-R VIVASTAR 74m. I tried VIVASTAR 80m and did not work I have always used Nero, the problem is Vivastar is not available anymore in the UK, so I'm stuck, any suggestion on CD-R

-- azzurri (, May 17, 2003.

i solve all the problems with sony dav-s300... i bought another brand dvd-mp3-cdr-cdrw player!!!

-- Michael (, June 16, 2003.

So, only this cd-r seems to work: -Princo (light or blue, 74 or 80 min.) -Artmedia -Mr Platinum -Mitsai -Vivastar (only 74m) -Datasafe (only 24x) -Sirius -Benq (silver) -Paradox

also, most of cd-rw should work fine (verbatim works 100%) that's all.....

-- Josef from Italy (, June 17, 2003.

All CDR's or CDRW's are played by the DAV-S300 in 4X Write Mode using a LiteOn CdRewritter and any Nero Version

-- ?Ron (, September 15, 2003.

i also have the dav-s300 and i've tried out many cd-r's but now i found out that it works perfekt with almost all cd-rw's! burned with nero with a sony burner 16x10x32

-- Pacman (, October 09, 2003.

It's not CD burner's problem, all cdrw works, it's the DAV-s300 cannot recognize CDR's data, because of the surface of the discs, DAV-s300 can't read CDR reflecting rate,mostly those disc are green, blue colors, try the gold color surface disc.

-- Wong (, December 22, 2003.

Hay. My friend call me one hour ago and he have the same sony DVD player. He have a problems with recorded DVD (NOT original). I find this post and I am asking you for help. Does anybody have any experience with this?? Wich DVD disks works on this unit, is it matter if they are -R or +R etc.. TNX in advance.

P.S. Sorry for my English :)

-- Dusan (, January 13, 2004.

so..............anyone, after all that know the secret? me either!!

-- rob (, March 30, 2004.

try any minus r dvd and it will work...also look out for dvd's with the ritek g04 dye on them...they work a treat

-- craig (, June 15, 2004.

I found that all CD RW's work fine up to press for VCD and AUDIO

-- smarty (, November 22, 2004.

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