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I have been trying for a week to burn a VCD but am having no luck at all! I have tried using Adaptec CD Creator 4.0 and Nero 4.0.7. I used TMPGEnc to encode my MPEG file, and I verified the settings were all correct for VCD (bitrate, resolution, etc.) I am trying to use I-ON Video CD player on my PC (I was trying Xing MPEG player at first) and a Sony DVP-S500D standalone DVD/Video CD player. Both Adaptec and Nero accept my encoded file from TMPGEnc just fine and go through the CD creation process without a hitch.

However, when I try to play back the burned CD on my PC by clicking on "VCD" on the I-ON Video CD player, nothing happens with a CD created by Adaptec. With a Nero CD, I get an error message. I also got an error message with Xing when trying to read the VCD.

When I try to play a CD created by Adaptec in my Sony DVD player, it just says "no disc". With a Nero CD, it sees the disc and the selections on it, but when it tries to play, all I get are green and purple horizontal lines!

My DVD player will read only CD-R's and not CDRW's, so I am quickly building a nice coaster collection. I have read every forum and FAQ I can find on the internet, but nobody I can find seems to have had this kind of problem. I would REALLY appreciate some help! Anybody?

-- Scott Plant (, October 21, 2000


Try playing it in another dvd player that is KNOWN to play homemade vcd's. A list can be found at I would find one that has a better track record and listed results. Don't always assume it is you making the mistake. You can download a testfile from

-- Billy, boy, boy, boy (, October 21, 2000.

Thanks, Billy. I will try your test video. What made me think I am doing something wrong is that I could not even get MPEG player software on my computer to properly read my VCDs. I could manually search for the .DAT files from the VCDs, but I could not get the applications to automatically find and read the VCDs. I also really want to get the Adaptec software working because I want to be able to create menus. Do you know if there is a way to create menus with Nero?

-- Scott Plant (, October 21, 2000.

Billy boy, I tried your test file by downloading to my hard drive, then dragging and dropping in Nero. I burned a VCD and tested on my DVD player. Same results - it sees the disc, but when I play, I get at first the green and purple lines, but then a really broken up version of your test file (I see the very top part of the picture, but the rest appears as scattered blocks). I installed Xing MPEG player on my PC, and I get the same results when I playback the .DAT file. When I click on "play VCD" in Xing, it does not find the disk. Could my settings in Nero be wrong? I did not mess with anything there, I just left all the defaults, and I did use the VCD option.

-- Scott Plant (, October 21, 2000.

I have never had nero fail to make a good cd for me. Try the steps below for further diagnostics: Open windows media player. Then go open, then go to where your video cd is (d:, e:, f:?) then click on the "mpegav" folder. Then change the file type to *.* all files, then open AVSEQ01.DAT. (That is the mpeg file) Windows Media Player should now play your movie.

1) If it does not play your movie it could be a conflict between Adaptec and Nero. I don't use adaptec so I can't give you any support to correct that issue, but: (In the threads on this forum I have seen were people have had problems with these 2 burning programs exsisting together on the same machine causing such errors. & I believe they mention a fix for it.)

2) If it does play your movie then it is your dvd player. The next step would be to take your home brewed vcd to a store and try it on several dvd players. I recommend the APEX 703A Player. It has 5.1 sound, 3 disk changer, can make index points on a vcd for you via track/disk digest.(This option is normally found in a REAL vcd player.) Can play pal/ntsc vcd's & It also plays mp3's!!

(You did say your dvd player can read cdr's, but perhaps try the test below.) Side note: The best test I have found to see if a dvd player can read cdr, cdrw is copy an audio cd onto each types of these disks and try to play them on your dvd player. If it can't play either of those, it won't be able to play a homemade vcd. (Nero is able to make such a copy for you to test it.) This way it won't be a coaster to say, but a n extra copy of one of your music cd's.

-- Billy, boy, boy, boy (, October 21, 2000.

I tried opening the .DAT file on the VCD I created with Nero using Windows Media Player. It said "No combination of filters could be found to render the stream". I WAS able to open it using Xing MPEG player, but like I said before, it was only jibberish.

When I tried installing Nero after I already had Adaptec installed it gave me an error message about conflicting with Adaptec DirectCD. What I did was I installed Nero to a second Windows system I have installed on my machine (I dual boot because my second, "clean" windows install is used for video editing with Pinnacle StudioDV. Having a stripped down Windows operating system was the only way I could find to get Studio DV to work properly. Anyway, I installed Nero in this operating system to avoid the problems with Adaptec.

-- Scott Plant (, October 21, 2000.

Oh, and by the way, I already tried exactly what you suggested as far as burning a music CD to a CD-R and a CD-RW to see if my DVD player can read them both. It was able to read the CD-R just fine, but it cannot see a CD-RW. Bummer!

-- Scott Plant (, October 21, 2000.

Damn, well.... Did you try to hit it with a hammer yet? (you must be close to that by now) You have to have a conflict somewhere on your machine with the burner programs. I mean if xing, windows media player, and your dvd player (which is now known for sure to play cdr) can't play the dat. has a link to vcd gear. It will allow you to rip a dat from a cd back into an mpeg. It can also show you if it has error's. Perhaps try this program to check it. "There has to be a conflict somewhere though between the burners."

-- Billy, boy, boy, boy (, October 21, 2000.

About the only DVD player that will read homemade video cd's on a CD-R disk is the Pioneer 525. Most Sony's will read a homemade DVD on a CD-RW disk.

-- Al (, October 23, 2000.

I meant to say that most Sony's I tried would play homemade video cd's that were burned on CD-RW disks but not CD-R. At the time I was buying the Pioneer 525 was the only one on the market that played both with no problems

-- Al (, October 23, 2000.

I don't know why this one Sony model appears to be different, but I have always been able to play CD-R's with it.

-- Scott Plant (, October 23, 2000.

I too am having a similar problem with NERO burning. I am contemplating an uninsall of cd creator to see if i have any more luck. I'll update this answer if successful.

i now have a coaster for each of my friends.

-- Alan Voice (, November 01, 2000.

I to have a similar problem. I have tried for quite some time now. I went and found a phillips 525 and no luck. I used Nero and adaptec EZCD 4.0. I have read many web sites. I also re-installed my windows 98 system. Tried Windows 95. I also tried to play on a Playstation 2 and my PC (xing) as well as a Phillips 825 dvd player. I took the sample vcd from the site and just burned it straight in. I went to a local Rexx store and tried all the dvd players and even found an employee that has also tried to make a VCD. One site ( has suggested that many dvd players are sensitive to media types and suggested Princo silver/blue cd-r's. Another site suggested Verbatium. I tried them also in addition to several others (Sony, Memorex, imation and others). I now have a nice selection of coasters or frisbees. I now suspect the cdr drive. Could it be that the drive is the problem? Is there a list of drives VCD burning has been done on? I have a Cendyne RW7063A 6x. One of the faster ones when I purchased it. I really want to put home movies on vcd's and let the family have copies. If this is such a touchy task then maybe I am out of luck. The sample file is NTSC 352x240 at 29.97fps with a CBR of 1123k and audio of 44.1khz stereo 224k bps. Anythoughts ? ..Thanks ,,, Tim

-- Tim Ertl (, November 18, 2000.

I had all the same problems as above with a go video dvr-5000, nero, and a scsi hp writer. Tried everything, noticed that for some reason, nero files were being written as .cda. Finally tried it with nti cd-maker and it worked perfectly. Would like to use nero for jpg capabilities, but do not know the problem. anyone?

-- joseph billeaud (, November 30, 2000.

I have made and burned VCD, SVCD and played with Sony DVP-S500D and Apex player, and I did not encounter any problem. Try this. Use or get you a VideoStudio or Ulead system software and make your self a movie from your camcoder or digital pictures. The program itself will let you burned to VCD, SVCD or DVD if you have a DVD writer. Let me know if you still have a problem.

-- Bert B (, January 18, 2003.

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