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All the old threads go into a database. In order to make it more easy to browse and search (remember that for now we don't have a search engine on the QA forum, so searching is on titles), please pay attention to these two points:

Be sure to give a descriptive title to your question. Here are a few recent examples of initial titles, and how I renamed them. A descriptive title will help you get answers more to the point.

6x9: is it worth it ? -> 6x9: practicallity of holders and quality
confused about focal length -> The longer focal length lens didn't allow me to get closer ! 
SPOT METER? -> Which spot meters did they use back then ? 
lee system -> ND grads on Lee wide angle shade with 2 filter slots
Center Filters -> Same center filter on 75mm f/4.5 and 110 XL

Be sure to set the category for your question, *using the most specific* category. If you feel that your question fits in many categories, consider breaking it down in several questions. Watch carefully the categories available. You should almost never use "Uncategorized".


-- Q.-Tuan Luong (, October 20, 2000

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