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Hi everyone

I have a DV card hich I use Ulead to capture my video to mpeg format using nero 4. i can burn the files to create the VCD and can see the files once complete. But when I play the file from the MPEG folder .dat media players kicks in an error no filter.... and on my VCD portable player it picks the track up and length playing happly but i dont see an picture or sound. I tried on of my old VCD films which I bought a while back and this works fine.

Please help

-- Umesh Tailor (, October 20, 2000


inorder to play a vcd file on a vcd player, u have to process the file with some fixed parameters, the bitrate has to be as required for a vcd, this u r suppose to take care before u do .mpeg file format conversion.

-- mac (, December 11, 2000.

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