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hi,after the death of his parents poe went to live with the allans, did the allans have any other kids?and what were the allans and their kids names?

thank you

-- Anonymous, October 19, 2000



Following the death of Edgar's mother, Elizabeth Arnold Poe, John and Frances Allan of Richmond, Virginia took Edgar into thier home as a foster child. He was never formally adopted. John Allan had married Frances Keeling Valentine, daughter of John Valentine of Princess Anne County on Saturday, February 5, 1803. During their marriage, the Allans had no children of their own.

Over a year after the death of Frances on February 28, 1829, on October 5, 1830, John Allan married Louisa Gabriella Patterson of Elizabethtown, New Jersey. She and John Allan had three sons. These were:

John Allan - born August 23, 1831

William G. Allan - October 5, 1832

Patterson Allan - January 26, 1834

John Allan died 3 months after the birth of his son, Patterson.


-- Anonymous, October 19, 2000

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