I need an analysis of a couple of poems...

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I am a fan of Poe's but I'm having trouble understanding a couple of his poems. The basic idea that I got from "A Dream" is that the narrator is living his life through his past, kind of afraid to be in the present because he finds it lonely... Did I hit that at all? In "Evening Star" I understand that there is an important comparison between the moon and the evening star but I think I'm missing the point as to WHY it's important- what do those two celestial bodies stand for symbolically? Okay, last one! "The Valley of Unrest." What I pulled from this is that this village is basically haunted... Other than that I haven't a clue! If anyone can help me analyze or summarize these poems I would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks!


-- Anonymous, October 18, 2000


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-- Anonymous, February 07, 2004

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