Its also the oil tankers in addition to the lack of refinery capacity that is contributing to shortages and high prices. Why did the Navy mothball 23 tankers? How can the military : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread

be prepared to fight if the needed tanker capacity is in mothballs and is not available to fuel whats left of the "fleet". When it is decided to refuel in Yemen and other areas where there is a potential terrorist threat, we should not be surprised when the unhappy people take advantage of the opportunity. For the want of a nail the horshoe was lost, without the horseshoe the horse was lost, without the horse, the rider was lost, without the rider, the order was lost, without the order the battle was lost, without the .... if you get my drift. With the hundreds of billions of dollars of surplus claimed by WJC and both parties, they cannot afford to run some tankers? Is this the blind leading the dumb or what? The mothballed tankers was on the internet yesterday but my feeble mind forgot the reference.

-- Al (amazed@notdumb.lost), October 17, 2000


Newsmax.Com had a story yesterday quoting Colonel David Hackworth as saying that 22 tankers had been mothballed by the Military since 1993 and he claimed that Clinton was complicit in the attack on the ship by allowing this refueling situation to happen that created the opportunity for the terrorist attack. I think that the retired decorated Colonel is much more credible that our fearless leader WJC. I would not expect our illustrious news media to pick up on this story. It appears that the military is muzzled and ineffective if they allow this to happen without saying anything.

-- Tom (Tom@notstupid.gom), October 17, 2000.


You said: I think that the retired decorated Colonel is much more credible that our fearless leader WJC. Hermann Goering was a much more highly decorated hero and we know how good his word was. Decoration, retired military, etc doesn't tell me anything [and I am not trying to draw a parallel here; I just haven't found his past statements useful].

What you need to know is what the carrying capacity of the 23 tankers is. Based on what I know, they wouldn't equal a single supertanker.

Best wishes,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, October 17, 2000.

The mothballed tankers are mostly underway replenishment vessels that are at least 20 years old and some are of WWII vintage. They are no longer needed because our navy has shrunk from over 600 vessels under Reagan to a little over 300 today. This the real story if you're concerned about America's security, not the mothballing of 23 overage tankers.

-- Jim Cooke (, October 18, 2000.

This is outrageous! Moth testicles are vital to the moth community.

-- (MothLover@petulant.PETA), October 18, 2000.

MISTER/MASTER AL, some hear what you say, But you must let your voice, along with your past experience be heard to the whipper snappers who think they know all. Do not let your voice be silent. With your power, and influence, task all for whatever program, this is your responsibility. I don't care how old or feeble you claim to be. You did a job before, you have another before you. Dumb like a Fox, comes to mind. Your call....

-- Church Fan (, October 19, 2000.

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