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Aside from VCD Cutter that can convert .dat files to mp3s, and dat2mpg, which supposedly can convert .dat to mpg, are there any other software out there that can convert .dat files from karaoke VCDs to mp3s? The problem I have with VCD Cutter is that it cannot split just one audio channel from the mpg stream.

-- Priscilla Hung (, October 17, 2000


I don't know of any software that converts DAT to MP3, but you could just use DAT2MPG to convert the DAT to an MPEG file on your hard drive, then you could use TMPGEnc or DVMPEG to demultiplex the MPEG file in to an MP2 file and an MPV file. You can then delete the MPV file and convert the MP2 to a wave file, which can be edited using CoolEdit 2000. In CoolEdit, you can take out the left or right channel, make the left over mono channel into stereo, and save the WAV. Once you're done with that, use any MP3 encoder and encode that WAV to an MP3. Hope I was of some assistance.

-- Mr.Ian Roswell (, October 18, 2000.

Actually converting a .DAT file to .MP3 is really very simple if it already plays in say Windows Media Player. All you really have to do is go to the command prompt and simply rename the file! Problem solved.

-- Scott Harris (, October 26, 2003.

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