where can I get information about my mentally handicapped siter?

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I'm not sure if you can help me. My sister is mentally ill, if thats even the right way to decribe her. She's 41 (its her birthday today)she has become very poorley over the last few months.To cut a long story short, I wondered if you could give me some advise or if there was anyone I could talk to online regarding this matter.

thanks for your time,

Yours sincerely,


-- Victoria Speakman (VSpeakman@aol.com), October 17, 2000


I can't vouch for the validity of any of these Web sites but her are some I have found on the Web.

Psych Central: Dr. John Grohol's Mental Health chat: http://www.grohol.com/chats.htm

Mental Health Info Source: http://www.mhsource.com/

Online Support Chat: http://depression.about.com/health/depression/msubchat.htm

Counseling Zone: http://www.counselingzone.com/

Mental Health Message Boards: http://www.mental-health-matters.com/message8.html

Open Directory: http://www.dmoz.org/Health/Mental_Health/Disorders/

Google: http://directory.google.com/Top/Health/Mental_Health/Disorders/

-- Jim Byrne (j.byrne@gcal.ac.uk), October 18, 2000.

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