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HI All, I use a Graflarger with an Aristo cold light for B/W printing. I would like to print 4x5 Ektachromes, but according to Kodak one may only use tungsten based light heads with their color printing papers. Does anyone have a suggestion for a color head light soucre that would fit on the back of a 4x5 Sinar F2 or Crown Graphic? The graflarger is rectangular in shape and fits a 4x5 perfectly. All of the color heads I have seen seem to have circular light sources. I really don't have room for a 4x5 enlarger, so something that would fit on my very compact Graflarger would save the day. Thanks for your help.

-- Wil Hinds (, October 17, 2000


The nearest thing I know of to a 'universal' colour head was one that Agfa produced many years ago. It was a tungsten-diffuser head that could be fitted to a whole range of enlargers with adapter plates.
Perhaps a search on e-bay and the like, for 'Agfa' might throw something up.

You can always use gelatin colour filters under the lens for colour printing, but you'd have to get (or make) a tungsten light source first.
They're good these cold light sources ain't they (not).

-- Pete Andrews (, October 18, 2000.

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