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Reports come through from the 17th Episcopal District (Zambia and Lusaka) that the newly elected Bishop Preston W Williams III has been rejected, and that both the Senior Bishop and President of the Bishop's Council are on their way to Lusaka to resolve this. Can anybody in the 17th district please enlighten us.

-- Anonymous, October 17, 2000


Some Thoughts on Discussing

I realize any time we discuss the operation of the church, there will be occasions when we venture into territory that is considered sensitive by all involved.

I think this discussion is beginning to enter such territory.

Obviously, this is a matter of concern to many, and in no way, shape or fashion do I want to, intend to, or will quench the discussion. I feel the ability to share feelings and vent frustrations is one method to avoid the build up of tension and inner hurts, they eventually could fester and cause this great church of ours harm.

But in the process of discussion, we must be very careful in how we cast blame and guilt.

It neither is fair, or is it ethical, to accuse someone of taking something, holding on to something that does not belong to them, or engaging in a dalliance using online as a vehicle.

There are a couple of reasons for this: First there is absolutely no way of verifying that anyone online is who they say they are. We already have had instances of messages being posted under some one else's name. Fortunately these postings have not be disparaging but they have been troubling.

Secondly, anyone can accuse anyone of anything online. There is no burden of proof. Making an accusation is as easy as turning on your computer and writing it.

For the most part, we do not venture into the realm of accusation too often. For the most part, we discuss issues of the church in a more broad brush stroke, looking at the forest instead of an individual tree.

There is no question that at this point and time, there are some disturbing circumstances occuring between the African Methodist Episcopal Church on American shores and the same church as it operates in Africa.

You can sense a feeling of frustration in these discussions.

What I would urge though, is that instead of making individual recriminations, that you would try to focus more on the more encompassing problem of achieving equity for all within this great Zion and how we best can go about it.

To nit pick at individuals, without any real charges officially being leveled, is non-productive and far from the teachings of Jesus' love for one another. It at best is counterproductive and at worse, straight out libelous.

If anyone has concrete evidence of misdoings, then the proper course is to file charges. The discipline outlines the procedures, and once charges are filed I would be more than happy at that point to say charges have been filed but still would not convict in printing before the charges were ressolved.

If and when the charges were ressolved, either positively or negatively, a secondary story and possible discussion then could arise but right now, we are convicting people without benefit of trial or process and on this discussion board at least, this will not be permited. So we need to bring the discussion back in line not only with journalistic ethics but more importantly with Christ-like teachings.

Rev. John

-- Anonymous, October 18, 2000

Whatever happened in our sensational 17th Episcopal District was to say the least unfortunate. It all balls down to leadership.The local leadership reporting directly to the Bishop did and have not been providing good advice the Bishops.This is so especially here in Zambia, because so far the two have enlisted to contest for Episcopal office.

Rev Royd Mwandu

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2003

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