RH Designs StopClock Vario and the Zone VI VC Cold-light head

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For those who love using the f-stop method of printing, a friend has just sent me news from RH Designs' Dr Richard Ross about a new timer called the StopClock Vario:

"The StopClock Vario is a new product which is designed to work (at present) with the Zone VI VC head, using the cell built into the head to measure the light output and adjust the exposure time accordingly. We are looking at expanding the capabilities of the unit so that it can work with other cold lights - the main obstacle being getting hold of the relevant enlarger heads for testing.

Tests so far have shown the StopClock Vario works extremely well with the Zone VI head, and in fact the unit is very likely to be stocked by Calumet as a replacement for the Zone VI Compensating Timer.

Price is yet to be fixed but is likely to be about 30.00 pounds more expensive than the standard StopClock Professional.

Best wishes Richard Ross"

Also in the works is a film and print process compensating timer to be available, it is hoped, before Chrismas 2000.

Keep an eye out for them.

Erik X

-- Erik X (xx@xx.com), October 17, 2000

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