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CHANNEL 9 'SUNDAY' PROGRAM OCTOBER 29, 9-11 AM ABC - SPECIAL INVESTIGATION (a 40 minute cover story, including interviews with Senator Alston, Donald McDonald and June Factor, watched by Jonathon Shier in the studio, followed by Laurie Oakes' interview with Shier) Tell your friends!

-- Anonymous, October 16, 2000


We have watched as our telephone company,our bank have been sold off & our airline (I know there is still more of Telstra to sell, but really!). Now OUR ABC is under threat of destruction and commercialization. The Australian newspaper's Dossier this week on the ABC reads like a horror story.If the fate of the WA Liberals & the Queensland Nats/Libs is not enough, the Feds are asking for more of the same when their turn comes. Those of us who love Aunty, will stop them at the Ballot Box if they don't stop the rape & pillage or convince us that there is some sense in Shier's actions, if they can!

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2001

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