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What kind of computer do you own? What was your very first computer like ... a turtle on crack or a sloth doing yoga?

-- Anonymous, October 16, 2000


I've got a Dell Dimension XPS T850. This sucker has 256 mb RAM, 850 mHz Pentium II processor, 70 GB of drive space, 32 mb nVidia GForce card, Turtle Beach II sound card, 3Com NIC, the works. This puppy flies!

As for my first computer...ugh. Cyrix 333, 128 mb of memory, everything on the board. It was horrible, always crashing, and it didn't run any of my games for crap. I had to scrap it. It did it's job for a while; it got me on the internet and played freecell like a champ. But once The Sims came out, and it couldn't keep up, I knew it was time for a new computer.

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2000

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