URGENT: who islenore who is spoken of in both "the raven" and "lenore"?

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please help me i need to know b wednesday who lenore is she is spoken of in the raven and lso has her own poem dedicated to her called "lenore" this is very important my teacher wil kill me !

-- Anonymous, October 16, 2000



The poem "Lenore" was first printed in 1831 in Poe's volume "Poems" and was originally titled "Paean". In keeping with Poe's belief that the most moving of all poetry has as its theme, the death of a beautiful woman, this poem exemplifies Poe's poetic principles. It was reprinted in 1843 with the title "Lenore" in the "Pioneer". In contrast to his poem, "The Raven", I do not believe that Poe had any single person in mind.

However, "The Raven" was written throughout 1844 and finally printed in January 1845 and created enormous excitement. The powerful phrasing and sonorous tone of the repeating refrain of "Nevermore" grabbed the public like no other poem before and it was reprinted widely. By the time the poem was written and printed, Poe had spent many hours watching his beloved wife's health decline. It is thought that this poem was written in anticipation of his wife's passing and, perhaps in anticipation of the despair that would surely overwhelm him.

Please! Let me know if you survive school Wednesday!! : )


-- Anonymous, October 17, 2000

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