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1. What do employees expect of the culture and leadership? 2. Are their expectations being met appropriately? 3. How can we create an organization and work environment that will meet or exceed employees expectations?

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2000


I think that we(the employees) expect organization,respect and cooperation.I don't feel that we get any of these. Sometimes I feel that it's just a rat race at MW. Everyone runs around especially at the last minute expecting the unexpected. I don't feel that there is any organization at all. Things should be done right the first time. But instead everything gets rushed and then the end result is devastating. Example...last quarter, we all busted our humps. I felt we did great, but upper management I guess, had a different view. Not even a pat on the back or a meeting letting us know how great we did. As far as a work enviroment that would meet or exceed our expectations, get better management, benefits,competitive wages and some incentives. You have nothing to offer us. Why do you think so many people are leaving or are looking to leave? You hire all these "big shirt,overpayed management people who by the way don't know very much and the employees that really work and deserve a good wage get nothing but promises.

-- Anonymous, October 16, 2000

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