I need some examples of how Sir Arther Colin Doyle's Sherlock Holmes is the same as Dupin

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Hi, I'm writing a paper and I need some examples on how Sherlock Holmes is a recreation of Dupin. If anyone could give me some help I would be really gratefull. Thanks for your time. Abby

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2000



I think you will find that the similarities between these two fictional characters are quite interesting, to say the least. Edgar Poes venture into the mystery genre was the first attempt by any American author to improve upon this variety of literature. Known as detective stories, this form of mystery tale was not unique to Poe nor did he originate the genre. However, as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself said, Where was the detective story until Poe breathed the breath of life into it.

The name C. August Dupin was borrowed by Poe from the heroine, Marie Dupin, in a story called Marie Laurent printed in Burtons magazine in 1838. From here, the characters both:

Reside in a large European city, Holmes in London and Dupin in Paris. The narrator is the detectives close male companion. Holmes has Dr. Watson but Dupins is unnamed. Both are known broadly as men with exceptionally gifted intuitive talents. Both Holmes and Dupin share a polite disdain for police investigative techniques and police methods. Both Holmes and Dupin employ deductive reasoning (rationcination) as opposed to inductive analysis in solving seemingly complex mysteries. This is a false perception served to the reader by the authors and is used to good effect by both Poe and Doyle.

I am sure there are other similarities but I think these are the most obvious.


-- Anonymous, October 17, 2000

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