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I'm looking to photograph at high resolution scars and tattoos. Any advice on equipment setup? My budget is so far unlimited. I need to shoot indoors (maybe under studio lighting if i need to) and output as slides. Most of the work is macro (and sometimes portrait) which needs to be digitised for image analysis.

Any suggestions? Should i go for normal SLR or digital camera?


-- Adeline Lee (, October 15, 2000


Sorry for the brevity.

Go for the normal SLR. It offers a wider variety of accessory than digital stuff at the moment and they are easily obtainable from the camera shops here.

I will recommend the Nikon system since I'm more familiar with the brand(you may prefer another brand of similar function).

For the camera body(if there is no budget restrain) go for the Nikon F5 as this particular model will allow you to interchange optional viewfinders suitable for your kind of use.

For a lens that can do macro and double for portraiture use, get the 105mm Micro Nikkor or the 55/60mm Micro Nikkor.(You have to try it out at the shop to know which will be suitable for your needs)

You might want to consider buying a Nikon ring flash to do your macro shots and invest on a second flash like the SB-28 for portraiture.

Consider other brands too, which might have something more relevant to you that Nikon might not offer.

-- paulchuah (, October 18, 2000.

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